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Nintendo World Championships Recap: Dallas Edition

We got to the Best Buy hosting the Nintendo World Championships just before 10am when the event was to start. There was a line wrapping around the building and a group already inside starting their games. At first, I thought there were a lot of people, but there really wasn’t. There were only 8 locations in the whole United States, I would have expected a bit more people to show up. We did meet a few people who had driven from Alabama to attend the event. I hope it was worth the drive to them since I only drove 30 minutes and felt a bit underwhelmed at the whole thing.


Images above courtesy of reddit user /u/skaboss241 because I forgot to take pictures like these. Sigh.


Everyone was lined up outside and groups of about 20 at a time were allowed inside. They went at a decent pace and we only had to wait about an hour to get our turns. Everyone had a number for when they arrived so we weren’t required to stay in line, we just had to be back in line by the time our numbers were called. We went in to check out the setup. There were two booths with about 6 3DS consoles on each table. You really wouldn’t even know the Nintendo World Championships event was even going on if it weren’t for a couple of signs around the tables. I was at least expecting consoles connected to TVs so you could watch people play so I was a bit disappointed and relieved seeing as how neither I nor my friend had ever played NES Remix.

We stood around and talked to people for a bit and watched as we waited to get back in line for our estimated time of 11am. The high score was posted on a board for everyone to be disappointed at. When I was there it was 5,493,000. I heard later that the score ended up going over 6 million. Jeez!

Our time finally came, we stepped up and talked to the reps. The rep going over our rules was one of the reps from the Splatoon event I had attended a couple of weeks prior! Our expectations were low going in but it was fun nonetheless. My score was in the mid 600k while my friends was somewhere in the low 500ks I believe.



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These images are courtesy of me!

As for the swag, there wasn’t anything specifically for the Nintendo World Championships event, everything was just old swag from previous events. Oddly enough, the first hundred or so people only received an NES Remix poster when they completed their games. My friend and I were in the 120s and that’s when they busted out some new stuff. The best swag was the Mario Kart 8 flag and the NDS lanyard. I feel a bit for those people who had been there so early and only got a poster. Everyone got a Nintendo paper bracelet though, so yay?


Nintendo World Championships Swag

In the end the Nintendo World Championships tournament was fun and I’m glad I went. Nothing terribly exciting happened, but I can say I participated, got an awesome Mario Kart 8 flag for my troubles, and so many streetpasses.

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